"It Wasn’t Me"

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Published: February 23, 2017 3:47 pm AST
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In a rant deemed very confusing by the court, Kani Hazel, in response to charges brought against him in relation to assault and illegal possession of a weapon, said he is not the man they are looking for. “It wasn’t me; I wasn’t there...Can I get bail?

Hazel made an appearance at the Magistrate’s Court earlier today, February 23 to answer to charges of unlawful and malicious wounding, and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

According to court records, on June 30th last year, mother of the victim in this matter—Tareem Grant, while resting in her quarters situated in Paraquita Bay, heard gunshot sounds on the outside of her home. Proceeding to the outside to inquire, she saw her son Tareem struggling with the accused, attempting to get a gun out of his hand. The court heard that at this time, Tareem shouted to his mother to call the police and an ambulance.

Having relieved the accused of the gun, Tareem staggered into the house, covered in blood and holding the gun in his hand. He subsequently collapsed in a chair.

When police on the scene, they observed a trail of ammunition fragments and blood leading up the steps of the home. Officers also observed Tareem, who was shot, laying on the floor with the gun on the carpet adjacent to him.

He was subsequently transported to Peebles Hospital for treatment.

Police caught up with the accused later that day and observed that he had suffered blunt force trauma injuries to his head and face. He too was taken to Peebles for medical attention.

Under questioning by police officers, Hazel denied ever being at the home of the victim in the matter, he denied having any altercation with the victim, and also denied ever having a firearm.

He is scheduled to make another appearance on March 17.
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