Lampposts Art Demonic?

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Published: March 17, 2017 1:45 pm AST
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Several residents of the Territory are coming forward, demanding that authorities address the mystery behind a number of artworks that strangely appeared on lampposts across the Territory.

Residents are of the opinion that the art pieces are somehow linked to black magic or are demonic in nature, which they labelled as bad luck.

Notably, the art pieces which display cats, fish, suns, and hearts, among other symbols, were first noticed over a month ago.

Taking their rant to social media, persons are appealing to the relevant authorities to remove the pieces.

“When I say good over evil they thought it was a game, take down them devil things from all around the BVI,” a resident posted on social media. The individual continued, “A lot a things going on just ain't normal, but like I said before, there is still more good than evil in the world. We can’t afford to lose this battle.”

This post is now trending in the British Virgin Islands, as persons continue to share their opinion on the pieces.

“Looks like witch craft to me! When they went up 'ah set ah ting' start to happen!,” shared another resident, while another said, “So ironic how after they went up, a lot of stuff started to go south.”

A resident who became directly in contact with one of the pieces, also posted on social media, questioning its origin.

“Could whoever posted this piece of art on a pole facing my house, please redirect its position or place somewhere else, as it is disconcerting.”

The resident added, “What does it mean? What does it represent? What is the purpose of it? Do you see why it makes me feel uncomfortable at night?”

The person also mentioned that the piece adjacent to her home is one of a cat, highlighting that its eyes scarily gleams at night.

The structures were also mentioned in the House of Assembly by several legislators, who noted that they too are baffled as to the origin of the art pieces and the person responsible.

Speaking with Mr. Gregory Adams, Chief Planner in the Town and Country Planning Department, which oversees the issue of signage in the Territory, BVI Platinum News was duly informed that the Department received no formal request from anyone seeking permission to hang the structures.

In an inquiry as to whether or not this act breaks any rules or laws in the Virgin Islands, Adams informed that the Department is currently awaiting legal information and instructions from the Attorney General on the matter.

He furthered noted that the Department is not primarily taken up with who is behind the pieces, but rather, is concerned about what protocols the Department needs to apply.
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