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Published: March 20, 2017 6:46 am AST
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On March 15, 2017, Gabi Gonzalez and her boyfriend, Justice Amory left the movies to take home a friend in East End, not knowing that this would be their last moments together.

In the vicinity of Paraquita Bay, the unthinkable happened when Justice, who was the driver, encountered a garbage truck.

Justice, 19, was not wearing a seat belt and he succumbed to brain injuries following the accident.

"There was a big white garbage truck coming from the opposite direction. I was sitting in the passenger seat. My boyfriend Justice was driving, Timothy was seated behind Justice and Lekia behind of me. The truck apparently didn't have enough space on his side of the road so he took part of our side of the road," Gabi emotionally recounted on social media.

"Usually when something like that happens, Justice tries to go off the road on his side, but this time we didn't make it---with the dirt on the road, we slid and we flipped."

Gabi, who spoke passionately about her happy life with Justice, related that for a few seconds, all she saw was darkness.

"It felt like a roller coaster twirling and I wanted to make it stop. I felt as though my life was about to end. When the vehicle stopped flipping, I opened my eyes and turned to my left to see Justice and he wasn't there. I turned around and Timothy and Lekia where gone as well."

She added, "I got out and my baby (Justice) was laying on the floor on the opposite side of the road. I'm not gonna mention what I saw after that because it's too painful to say, but I saw my baby dying. I prayed to all Gods. I hoped that everything was going to be okay."

The young lady, who was in the front passenger seat and secured with a seat belt, said Justice would always make sure she always wore her seat belt.

"And every time he wouldn't put on his seat belt, I would get mad at him. It hurts me a bit that I didn't tell him to put on his seat belt this time. But nothing assures that even if he had on his seat belt he would've survived."

She advised, "For everyone, my message to you is a seat belt can save a life. It saved mine. If it's there, use it."

Justice was the son of Superintendent of Police, St. Clair Amory.
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