Another Win For Lady Pirates

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Published: May 09, 2017 1:17 pm AST
Photo Credit: C Farrington
Lady Pirates remains the lead team for this year’s softball league, as they continue down a path of winning. Their recent victory came in a game against Hawks, who suffered a 14-7 defeat.

At the end of the game, Lady Pirates secured 8 hits, 2 errors and left 5 runners on base, while Hawks was left with 7 runs, 3 hits, 4 errors and left 5 runners on base.

The winning pitcher was Khiayah Doward and the loser was Gertrude Thomas.

Contributing to the win, Khiayah Doward of Lady Pirates went from base 2 to 4 with 1 run scored and 2 runs batted in, along with Shereen A. Sprauve, who went from base 2 to 4 with a double, a triple, 2 runs scored and 5 runs batted in.

Aaliya Malone of Hawks made it from base 1 to 2 with a run scored and 3 runs batted in.

As it relates to the current standings of the league, Lady Pirates is leading with a score of 43, while right behind them is That’s Ya Problem with 41, Hawks 35, and West End Warriors and Walk Off are tied with 23.

In the men’s division, Power Outage has a score of 71, Pirates 44, and A’s and Mobsters are tied at 25.

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