Jack Fined Over $2K

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Published: May 19, 2017 5:03 pm AST
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Everette Jack of East End, was ordered to pay a fine amounting to $2800, for attacking two business owners in the East End area.

In an appearance earlier today, May 19, before the Magistrate’s Court, Jack pleaded guilty to the charges of common assault, disorderly conduct, affray and assault on police.

Jack was ordered to pay $800 for the charge of common assault, $200 for disorderly conduct, $800 for affray and $1000 for assault on police. Fines must be paid by October 31, 2017.

According to the particulars of the matter, on November 28, 2015, the accused went to place a food order at Big Man Jerk Centre in East End. The court heard that his order was soon followed by a command from the proprietor to the clerk, to not serve the accused, as he has a history of not paying for the food.

Jack then allegedly ran around the counter, where he then began to assault the owner with punches to his face, and foot stomps about his body.

When apprehended by officers, Jack allegedly said, “Man he disrespected me.”

Jack told the court that the owner spat in his face.

The court also heard that while at the East End Police Station, the accused was informed that he would be arrested, to which he proceeded to run out the door, but was stopped by an officer. He allegedly threw a document holder at the officers.

Jack made his escape by landing a punch on an officer, who held him in an effort to secure him.

The court noted that he ran in the direction of Little Dix Hill, and was later found in Long Look.

As it relates to the charge of affray, on September 3, 2016, the accused and a friend were relaxing at a bar in the East End area. The friend then allegedly went over to the owner and gave him $20 to squash a debt.

Later that day, Jack returned to the bar and demanded that he be given the cash from earlier. Upon the owner's refusal, Jack, armed with a stick, hit the owner across his head. The owner started to bleed.

Under police questioning, Jack said that him and a friend went to purchase beers earlier that day, adding that the owner took the money and never gave them any beers in exchange.

He also told officers that the owner fell down the stairs, thus the bleeding from his head.

He will make another appearance on November 3, 2017 for report.

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