Generator Causes Fire At Building That Houses Gov't Offices

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December 05, 2017 12:00 pm AST
Photo Credit: Sherine Williams/BVI Platinum News
Scores of staff and residents, who were working and conducting business inside the RJT Edifice building in Road Town, were this morning, December 5, forced to evacuate following a fire. The fire started on the building's roof.

The five storey building houses several government offices, including the Immigration Department.

An employee of the Department of Information, located on the top floor, told BVI Platinum News that the fire came from a generator on the roof of the building.

He said the fire started when technicians were attempting to repair the generator.

"We didn't know the building was on fire; we just felt the violent vibrations and someone shouted 'evacuate, evacuate!'," the government worker said.

Photo Credit: Sherine Williams/BVI Platinum News
Police and fire fighters arrived quickly on the scene and put out the blaze.

A police officer later told BVI Platinum News that the fire was contained.

Staff were later told that it was safe to enter the building.

"We are sure that everything has been contained," station officer at the Road Town Station, Tyron Caddle said.
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