Put More Armed Officers On Patrol--Fahie

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February 12, 2018 1:57 pm AST
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Opposition Leader, Hon. Andrew Fahie has called for a proactive approach to crime fighting, including placing more armed officers on patrols, increased stop and search, and more funding for the police force.

In wake of the double murder in Road Town over the weekend, Hon. Fahie said that the lip service to crime fighting has to stop.

"It will take proper funding to include cameras all around the Territory, more armed officers accompanying unarmed officers on the streets all around the BVI while doing their patrolling, and more timely stop and search," he said on Monday, February 12.

Hon. Fahie said that the BVI cannot continue to be reactive to crime.

"I commend the Police and other law enforcement agencies for their hard work, dedication and professionalism in their daily fight against crime. However post Hurricane Irma has unmasked a few weak areas in our national security that needs urgent review and attention through adequate funding among other immediate measures," he said.

The Opposition Leader mentioned that the failure to adequately fund the only front line security agency will result in significant damage to the tourism product.

"Our economy and our overall safety in our beloved Virgin Islands. The approach to crime cannot be done in a business as usual manner nor can it just be given "lip service"...But it will take national forums to discuss this urgent matter with the aim of providing more solutions coming from the bowels of the people," he lamented.

Target Youth & Parents

The First District Representative said that there is also need for an education programme in the schools.

"Education in our schools and communities of the negative impact that crime has on us as a people and as a Territory....community out reach programmes because we all have a role to play in the fight against crime."

He believes that the churches also need to step up.

Photo Credit: Sherine Williams/BVI Platinum News
"Our churches coming together in prayer because with God all things are possible especially in the restoring of sound moral principles in our different communities, helping parents to understand that they have one of the greatest roles to play in the fight against crime because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

Hon. Fahie said that the sound moral principles that each parent instill in their child will significantly reduce crime in the Territory.

"Adequate funding must also be allocated to allow for the continuous patrolling and protection of our borders. It is not too late."

He added, "All these and more are some of the proactive approaches that must be taken forthwith so that as much as possible our Territory stays ahead of crime and not, for the most part, reacting to it."
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