Defreitas, Croal Surpass Qualifying Marks At Dag Samuels Meet

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February 27, 2018 11:48 am AST
Photo Credit: BVIAA/Cleave Farrington
Beyonce DeFreitas of Sprint Tech Track Club clocked a time of 24.07 in the 200m dash, surpassing the IAAF World Jr Championship’s 200m qualifier mark of 24.20 and earning her the right to compete at the upcoming IAAF 2018 World U20 Junior Championships in Tampere, Finland from July 10 – 15, 2018.

Additionally, Jaleel Croal of Sprint Tech Track Club ran a time of 11.25 and 21.86 in the 100m and 200m respectively, to surpass Carifta Games qualifying standards of 11.25 and 22.15, while locally at the A.O. Shirley Grounds, the fifth meet in the Dag Samuels Developmental Meet Series concluded.

Much appreciation is given to our regional athletes from Antigua and Barbuda as well as the US Virgin Islands - St. Croix Track Club and Cheetah’s Track Club of St. Thomas for competing.

Much appreciation is extended from the BVIAA and the BVI Athletics family to Walkers during their 2017 Charity Day Qualification Event for their generous donation of $1,500.00, which has been used towards the developmental series and the recovery of athletics in the territory.

During the meet, Ms. DeAnna Wattley was the lucky raffle runner of the 32g IPAD compliments of Klass Electronics; proceeds from the raffle benefited the Fast Lane Track Club founded by Coach Dag Samuels.

Locally, the BVIAA “Dag Samuels” Developmental Meet Series continues this Saturday, March 10th, 2018 and 24th March 2018 at the A.O. Shirley Grounds.

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