Works Start To Address Dust, Road Nuisance In EE

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April 16, 2018 7:43 am AST
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Government has commenced works in the East End/Long Look area, to address the continued road and dust issues affecting the communities.

Hon. Mark Vanterpool, Minister of Communications and Works, who was on site in the area of Paraquita Bay on Friday, April 13, said that they had to wait until asphalt was on island to commence work.

The work started on Tuesday, April 10.

“We are now at Paraquita Bay where we are paving all the dirt road. By the end of today, we should finish this part of the road, 24 feet of road, and then we are going back in the eastern end where we will pave from the gas station in Parham Town down to meet Riteway area,” he stated.

The Minister explained that they are developing an issue in the Long Look/Fat Hogs Bay area and are forced to use concrete, then apply asphalt.

“By the Seventh Day Adventist Church, because of the nature of that area, asphalt is coming up too easy, so we are trying to put a concrete paving there. So, we started and we are going to continue that project this coming week to continue paving with concrete and then asphalt from there down to the YEP area,” he outlined.

Minister Vanterpool said that they are hoping that the works on the eastern end of the island will be completed by the end of this week, following which they will move on to Carrot Bay in West End.

Hon. Marlon Penn, Representative for the Eighth District, said that the issue with the dust had become overbearing for both residents and motorists.

“The dust has been a major problem for persons. We now have a solution…It is to try to get this completed by the end of next week so that the dust can be settled, and persons can flow a lot more freely in the community,” Hon. Penn said.

He also disclosed that they are working to address the issues in the Trellis Bay parking lot.
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Nice to see the Minister on site but I wonder, why neither he nor the workers wearing masks? Asphalt inhalation is caustic and dangerous to your health.
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The area at the church has a serious drainage problem. When all that water flows from the hills it has nowhere to go.
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But Y?
Why put asphalt over concrete? Makes no sense. The concrete stands up better to the conditions here...including rain. The asphalt will just lift off. Pure nonsense.
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It is about time. Hope they fixed the constantly breaking water lines before taking care of the roads so that it does not have to be dug up again soon.
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Same old, same old. Slapping down blacktop with no proper foundation. Those roads will be gone in the next strong rain.
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