Backpacks At Cash Seizure Operation Raised Questions

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March 23, 2019 12:25 pm AST | 0 Comment
Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News
Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News
Two of the three police officers who are before the High Court in relation to allegedly stealing money from various police operations they were involved in, reportedly took backpacks with them to an operation where cash was seized. When questioned about it by a colleague, they allegedly said that it was for the purpose of carrying equipment—despite the backpacks appearing empty.

As the trial continues for Pamphill Prevost, Simon Power and Shawn Henry, who are appearing before Justice Rajiv Persad and a nine-member jury, Sergeant Royston DaSilva once again took to the witness box to testify.

In a previous appearance, the witness had told the court that the cash he had seen at the Road Town Police Station that was taken from an operation appeared to be less than what he had allegedly seen at the location of seizure.

Yesterday, March 21, he returned and spoke of an operation that took place in April 2014, when he was summoned to an operation by Officer Prevost.

When he arrived in Fat Hog’s Bay, he said that the three officers on trial were already there, along with others, and two of them—Prevost and Power—both had on backpacks which appeared to be empty.

He said that when he asked them why they had the backpacks, they told him that it was to keep equipment.

His testimony about that operation spoke to several persons being taken into custody and finding a pouch filled with cash, which was removed from the counter where it was found and kept in the possession of Power while they were at the scene.

The next day, several officers, including the witness, returned to the Fat Hog’s Bay premises and found three Ziploc bags in an empty plot of land next to the apartment in which the cash was seized.

While the exhibits shown to the witness indicated that he recovered the bags, Mr. DaSilva in court denied that the writing on the bags was his, and also denied the indication that he recovered the bags and that it was in his possession before being handed over to Prevost.

DaSilva also mentioned an incident that took place in St. Thomas when he and Prevost were shopping at a Home Depot store. He said Prevost asked him to pay for items bought by both of them with his (DaSilva) credit card, and he would repay him in cash.

While admitting that he eventually agreed, he said they got into an argument after he questioned Prevost about why he wanted him to use his credit card instead of Prevost using his own.

The trial continues.
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