Buju Delivers Sensational Performance

Samuel Sukhnandan, Journalist | June 16, 2019 8:21 pm AST | 0 Comment
Samuel Sukhnandan, Journalist
June 16, 2019 8:21 pm AST | 0 Comment
Photo Credit: Clifton Skelton/BVI Platinum News

(Photo Credit: Clifton Skelton/BVI Platinum News)

It was a night of captivating reggae music, energy, and positive vibes, as Jamaican superstar Buju Banton delivered a spectacular show at the Festival Grounds in Tortola on Saturday evening, June 15.


Sporting his long dread locks, Banton stepped onto the stage with massive energy, and to loud applause and cheers from a mammoth crowd.

The Grammy Award-winning singer did not let down his fans as he belted out some of his greatest songs, including, ‘Not an Easy Road’ and ‘Diver,’ among many others.

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement as they were witnessed screaming and shouting the music legend’s name. The music also took them over, as they were seen dancing and singing along with Banton.

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He also took time during his energetic performance to encourage them to remain positive and “believe in yourself.”

The Jamaican singer closed the show with a final performance after close to 3 hours.


While Banton’s headline performance was the last, his show had a massive line-up of other famous and talented reggae singers from Jamaica and even the United States Virgin Islands (USVI).

The show was opened by the new female Jamaican reggae sensation, Koffee, who was well received by the crowd. The young artist locked the crowd’s attention with her most popular single, ‘Toast’.

Taking over from her was Cocoa Tea, who took the crowd through some of his best hits. His performance was followed by Virgin Islands star Pressure, and then Capleton, who got the crowd energized for Banton.

Despite a few seconds of rain during the show, many patrons stayed on and partied until the end.

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